Green Depot | Bunbury

If you need a breath of fresh air, it's time you visited The Green Depot. This indoor jungle, located on 73 Victoria Street in Bunbury, is just that - literally, the plethora of plants seem to make the air FRESHER!

An old workshop, transformed by plant-loving founder Kim Rossiter, is a wonderland of all things green. Vines dangle from the ceiling and cover once simple white walls with their colourful life. Not only is it a delight to shop there, but Kim has previously been known to get creative with nature through a variety of workshops - they have even, on occasion, played host to events such as Good Nights!

The store is constantly being replenished with new leafy treats, pots, stands and plant hangers, Kim is also transforming interiors with beautiful refurbished pieces of furniture that could be yours too. There's inspiration galore for styling your own green space, but plants are so much more than good looking props to these passionate green thumbs. They are living, breathing, growing things for us to nurture - both Kim and Jen are bursting with knowledge, and can offer advice on keeping your green ones alive and well.

If you have a special occasion coming up, or simply long for a new addition to your garden, The Green Depot have you covered.

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Green Depot



Story and photography by guest writer -  Jasmine Marshall