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You know those times when you follow an account on Instagram and you just "get it". Well this is how I met Kathryn from Hawkins and Co, after long chat and emails I knew she was someone that you would also love. Kathryn has an online business that represents fashion and accessory brands that are Australian Made and designed as well as ethically sourced. How great is that? I know as I get a little more concerned with the state of the world less wastage is certainly on my radar. The story on her website Be More With Less really struck a cord with me, it certainly makes you think twice about fast fashion and about buy buying less items and loving every piece you own!

Thankyou Kathryn for sharing your story with us and I hope you will follow along to her website for stylish and timeless clothing. Hawkins and Co

Hawkins & Co has been a long time coming for me. I have always been drawn to simple clothing – classic cuts, timeless colours and the feel of natural fibres.

Facebook and instagram are great ways to find new brands and local brands that resonate with you and manufacture clothing that you love to wear. Hawkins & Co was born from the need to house all these incredible brands under one roof, so that the Australian women had somewhere to go as an alternative to large chain stores.

I source my labels largely through social media, but also through word of mouth and web searches. I have a couple of people on the look out for me in different parts of Australia, which also helps! Just recently we have had labels approach us, which is exactly what I would like to start happening more and more. I get so excited when I discover a new label, and read their story, and fall in love with their designs. Every designer has a different ‘why’ and it is reflected in their products.

Buying from smaller labels, and buying timeless, neutral pieces, can mean you can create an incredible wardrobe with 3-4 key items for each season. The pieces you select to wear become a part of your story. You look after the clothing, store it properly, and enjoy wearing them each season for years to come. Slipping into familiar clothing provides comfort and confidence… it can make you feel like ‘you’. Each year you only need to buy a few new items to freshen up your existing wardrobe and weave in some colour!

I love the idea of moving away from fast fashion and large wardrobes and back to the way things used to be – minimalist, quality, and a reflection of both the designer and the person wearing the item. Kathryn Hawkins - Director of Hawkins and Co

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