Our Story...

Ever gone the long way, taken a back road or the scenic route, just because you’ve never been down that road before...or because you’re curious about what you might find along the way?

Us too.

Which is why we created “A Curious Road”.

The South West of Western Australia is full of amazing scenery, brilliant wineries, glorious cafes and restaurants, stunning trails and walks and, of course, lots of talented locals who add their sparkle to the place they choose to live.

My name is Rhianna, and I call this region my home (and I feel pretty lucky about it too). From catching tadpoles and making fairy houses in my childhood home in Gelorup, to learning about art and wandering the paddocks while being immersed in my parents self-created oasis in Dardanup, to now making a home for myself in the wonderful wine region of Margaret River. After a few stints of living in Perth, I found myself in 2016 with an opportunity to move back to the South West and fell headfirst into the wine industry (pouring and drinking, rather than making). As a lover of tastes and experiences, it has been a natural fit!

I have, like so many others, found my peace and delight in the South West. It’s not difficult to imagine how picturesque vineyards or stunning coastline and forests might bring about a sense of awe (let alone all the culinary and cultural goodness!). But what truly draws you in are the people - the makers, the creators, the enthusiasts, the history keepers. And it’s THEIR lives that have seen the words come spilling out as stories - stories we want to share with you.

Our aim is to help you hit the road with everything you need to explore our beautiful South West, from the Bunbury Geographe Region, to Margaret River, through to the Southern Forests and Great Southern. We’ll give you tips on day trips, reveal hidden gems, hook you up with the best eats, drinks and accommodation, give you intel on what your kids will go crazy for, where to find the best markets, shopping, and all manner of natural and quirky attractions. But mostly, we’ll show you the faces of the people you should meet!

Come join us…


Do you have a passion for the South West, love writing and want to share your stories with us? Have you had a wonderful experience in our region that our followers should know about? Are you a business in the region that wants help getting the word out about who you are and what you’re all about? 

We're always keen to discuss collaboration opportunities or, if you're just after some recommendations for your next weekend getaway, drop us a line! 




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