Meet Kim and Simon - Peppermint Lane Lodge Ferguson Valley

Kim tell us how you and Simon ended up in Ferguson Valley and purchasing a B& B?

We had visited the Valley way back in the late 90’s and found it gorgeous then – never to be forgotten.  We remembered the rolling hills and valleys green – the river and country properties.  Driving the loop of Pile and Ferguson Roads we came across Kingtree Lodge and Hackersley Restaurant – just about all there was at that time.  of course lots of cows and trees too.
My Mum passed away suddenly in Aug of 1991 and this enormous event in our lives changed our perception of life and that it could be taken from us at any time – you just never know!  My Mum was only 53yrs old!!!   Our attitude to work and play changed dramatically.  Hence trips to Europe and spending time there – probably much more than we would have done prior. 
Fortunately for us, Simon parents lived in UK but moved to the French countryside to a small village called Yzeures sur Creuse in the depths of the Indre et Loire department.
We had an opportunity to look after a house – deep in the heart of the Gers department – a tiny village called Lagraulet de Gers in the south west of France.  We did this after selling our local business in Darlington in the hills of Perth.  After a couple of years of living in the Gers region of France we found ourselves back in Perth on July 7th 2004.  We just loved doing up this little house in the Gers and really did have all the experiences you read about with the dramas and joys of living life in France.
On arrival back to Perth we decided we had better put some roots down – maybe the other side of Oz or remain in Perth.  We had no idea of the real estate market in Perth as had lost touch.  We were reading the Saturday papers – particulary the real estate section (non-existent today).  At the front of the “country” section there was a rectangular advertisement headed up “Suit Life Style Couple – Ferguson Valley”.  This grabbed out attention a we were very much that
Anyway – we had no idea of where we wanted to live on our return from Europe so rang the real estate agent to view the Ferguson Valley listing but also a few others properties to get a range of what was available. We just loved Peppermint Lane Lodge on our first viewing – looked at other properties but none compared at all.
So – here we are – September 16 2005 we moved in and 12years has passed by. We love living here – the community, the birds, the wildlife, the quietness, the stillness, friends, and just – life in the Valley is found along A Curious Road


You must enjoy having guest at the B & B, and sharing your part of the world with them, what amazes people the most about the area?

People love the rolling hills and green pastures, the proximity to Perth, the fact that most businesses are owner operated.  Notable is the the quiet roads and lack of traffic.  All are amazed by Gnomesville!!!


When you have guests for dinner whats your go to menu……

Mis en Bouche
Tart Marmande with a Dijon and Crème Fraiche Custard
Main Course-
Seared Duck Breast with aRaspberry Sauce
Haricot Vert
Creamy Potato Mash
Martini Dessert Trio-
Lemon Posset, Rich Chocolate Pot, Shiraz Jelly Shooter


Aside from the language,  how does French countryside compare to Ferguson Valley?

It is pretty similar really.  The main difference being that when you are driving about the French countryside you will come across some amazing structure, an impressive church, a band, a crazy folly, a gorgeous manor or chateau, etc.


Whats your highlight on the PLL calendar every year?

Ladies Deck Day – last Tuesday of October. An opportunity for local FV woman to get together and catch up and meet with new and unknown locals.
Follies by the Ferguson – an outdoor sculpture trail in conjunction with the Dardanup Art Spectacular