Take a ride in Ferguson Valley

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Mountain Biking the "soul food" of Ferguson Valley

Mount Lennard Trails, or as the locals call them "Pile Road"  has been a wholesome staple of the diet of South West mountain bikers for many years and one of the first lot of MTB trails to get included into a national park. Well signposted there are two parking spots just off Pile Road with the bottom carpark just next to the brewery (more on that later!).

From the bottom carpark a favourite is to head up Bolands to the top carpark then choose how big a ride you want to do perhaps looping out to Wals or the Pallet track. The ride back down Grizs to the bottom carpark is a regional classic with the track gently dropping height the whole way while still making you work.

These tracks are easy IMBA blue so if you are an experienced Mountain Biker you will be fine.

Bolands>Wals>Timewarp>Pallet>Griz is a very solid dose of single track that will make most Mountain Bikers ready to head over to the Wildbull Brewery, strategically located 50 metres from the start of the trail to wash the dust out with range of beers and ciders and an awesome menu.

For those wanting something more mellow the Lennards Half Circuit from the top carpark is a easier ride with views of the Collie River.  

For more info www.mtbguidebook.com for the Western Australian Mountain Bike Guide Book.

The South West Mountain Bike club can also be found on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SWMTBC/

Article and Photography by Travis Deane www.mtbguidebook.co

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