Visit Gnomesville|Ferguson Valley

Hangin’ with the Gnomies in Gnomesville

 What’sville? I hear you say? Let me preface this post by saying that these Gnomes are well and truly on the map.

 That’s right, ‘Gnomesville’ in the Ferguson Valley has been gaining international media and tourist attention for years.

Legend has it that this mysterious place was started by some locals who placed a Gnome cricket scene on the roundabout of Wellington Mill road.  Others say the original Gnomes were a displaced Gnome family looking for a new home.

Believe what you will, all we know is, these little people are definitely worth a look for big kids and small.

One of my favorites is the local police Gnomes, but there’s quite literally Gnomes far and wide, up to all sorts of mischievous adventures.

Gnomesville is a perfect kid’s destination in the picturesque Ferguson Valley, bring your own Gnome family and join the community!

Find Gnomesville at LOT 4059 Wellington Mill Rd, Wellington Mill WA 6236

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